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Student Testimonials

Elise’s enthusiasm for combining fun with French is very special. She incorporates art, singing, and lovely props. Her calm demeanor creates a nice space that allows for growth and sharing.

I took a French class from Elise. People in the class were at slightly different levels, but she adeptly created classes, topics, and games that were both accessible and challenging for all. I had a great time each week because she made the exercises fun. She always encouraged questions and would make sure we always understood the reasons behind the rules, to the extent there were reasons. Elise was very responsive to requests and ideas from class members as to topics or activities.
She is incredibly patient and gracious. I can't wait to take another class with her.

Learning French with Elise has been a blast! She is a skilled instructor who clearly cares about her students in and out of the classroom. She pushes us to work outside our comfort zone so we can make real improvements all while being patient and supportive.She is able to combine the right amount of detail to further our understanding without creating information overload. She is thoughtful in how she presents new ideas and her curriculum is applicable to real life situations - who knew practicing to make an order at a French bakery would come in so handy!
I loved working with Elise and I cannot recommend her enough. Merci Elise!!

Elise is a wonderful teacher! She tailors your French lessons to your likes and interests, something that makes learning fun! It's incredibly valuable having one-on-one time with a pleasant, encouraging, knowledgeable teacher who really wants you to learn the French language!

Elise is a phenomenal French Tutor! We learned so much and enjoyed every session. We were able to discuss french culture, french language and much much more. She is so engaging and very gifted in what she does!
Lisa and Forrest  

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